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Breath, Breathing, Breathwork!

In my work in mental business wellness, I come across important stories on how our habits influence our health. Every week, I share my round-up of the most important resources at the intersection of meditation, tech and business. Do you have any links to share? Send your fun, cool, and relevant wellness links by responding to this email, or reaching out at To help manage your stress and anxiety, here are some resources to help you stay grounded.

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Upcoming Online Events

UNSTUCK: How to Nurture a Happy Mind in Stressful Moments

You’re invited to join in a conversation with meditation leaders, mindfulness teachers, and professional healers to gain insight into how to stay more calm and stress free. I'm hosting another free webinar with General Assembly. Meditation instructor Shannon Algeo and other mindful experts will help you to create a more enthusiastic work environment, reduce professional stress/anxiety, and empower team members to be present with their remote work.

30 Minutes of Yoga Nidra = 2 Hours of REM Sleep

Daphne Lyon is hosting a workshop on Sunday for Yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is the yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. It helps relieve stress and is known to help people with PTSD. Studies show that a 30-minute session of yoga nidra is equal to two hours of REM sleep. I'd like to think it can add years to your life. You can sign-up here. Suggested donation $10.

Breathing to Ease Stress and Stay Focused

Breathwork is done by lying down for 30-45 minutes, while you breathe rapidly. Your body can heal/restore itself by quickly moving energy in and out of your body. It's changed my life. Stephanie Berg Carson, of Soul Sanity, teaches an awesome virtual breathwork class. She is teaching classes Monday, Wednesday, Fridays next week, RSVP instructions here.

Streaming and Reading

Article: How to Cope to the Turbulence of the Times

In this turbulent moment, a lot of us — all of us included — are feeling fear, anxiety and grief. According to one of America's OG meditatiors, Jack Kornfield, in the NY Times Magazine. These feelings are all part of the fight-flight-or-freeze instinct in the body and the mind. To get through them, Kornfield says "the first thing is to acknowledge that this is just our humanity. Your feelings are your organism trying to handle things. The second thing is what you teach kids: Take a pause. You don’t have to sit and do some formal meditation." Read the article at the NY Times, how He Can Help You Cope. I've ready this article over and over to make sense of it.

Easy Meditation From Your Mobile Phone

Working from home, running video conferences all day, and rarely leaving the house. Does that sound familiar? To deal with the lack of movement in my body, I've been turning to at home meditations now more than ever. I got the Unplug app, Waking Up app, and listen to the mediation guru DavidJi's practice on Soundcloud. With my kids home, I barely can book 45 minutes of quiet. I'm doing smaller doses for 20 minute sessions.

Are Your Kids are Meditating Yet?

Calm, focus, and kindness. Want your kids to not have ADD in the future? Get them meditating now. Studies show meditation helps decrease stress and anxiety in both adults and kids. Vibras Meditation is hosting a regular meditation for kids live broadcast. They have two sessions one for age 4-7 at 10:30 am PDT, and one for kids 8-11 at 11:30am PDT. More details from Vibras Meditation.

Finally, the next season of my UNF*CKED podcast is coming! It's an iTunes top mental health and business podcast to get your life, business, and soul UNSTUCK. You'll be able to listen to Janes' Addiction's Perry Farrell, Oscar nominated Billy Ray, and NY Times best-seller writer Celeste Headlee. Subscribe to UNF*CKED: A mental wellness podcast for people who don't know WTF wellness even means. You can listen to the trailer iTunes and Spotify.

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