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Hi All, Hope you are staying safe and well. We are dealing with a lot right now. It's now more important than ever to stay well-balanced, mentally fit, and connected. To help you, we've compiled a weekly list of mental wellness books, videos, and meditation events. Do you have any links you want to share? Send your fun, cool, and relevant wellness links by reaching out at You can read last week's UnStuck Weekly, by clicking here. We are hosting a FREE webinar UNSTUCK: How to Nurture a Happy Mind in Stressful Moments on April 23rd. Joining us will be meditation leader Shannon Algeo.

Streaming and Reading How Kobe Bryant meditated his way to win 5 NBA titles Kobe Bryant was a meditator. Can you believe that? We can. Kobe tapped into mindfulness when playing with the Lakers. He found his edge reaching the "flow state. All this by sitting in stillness in the locker room before games. Kobe practiced meditation for at least 10-15 minutes a day. Meanwhile his coach, the Zen Master, Phil Jackson shared with Oprah about how he coached Kobe and Michael Jordan to mediate and practice mindfulness. If it worked for Kobe, why not for you? Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging An ex-Navy SEAL friend recommended this book to me, Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging. On the surface it's about a soldier's homecoming after suffering PTSD in war. However, deeper, it discusses the disconnect going on in our society today. Why do we treat our neighbors like strangers? Junger shares insights about how Native American tribes stayed connected to one another. Using Indigenous cultures as case studies, he shares how tribes can teach us how to be one our families, communities, and country.  3 Secrets to Authentic Storytelling A few years ago I gave a Google @Author talk around Telling Your Authentic Story. Overall, storytelling is the story we tell ourselves. I created a storytelling structure to help you develop 3 authentic stories to tell in any room, anytime, to anyone. In this talk at Google Venice, I am wearing a fancy suit, explaining how to become a better storytelling for public speaking, business, and socially. I'm also teaching a FREE webinar on April 30th on Authentic Storytelling if you want to learn more! Adriene Mishler | Giving to Receive: Building Community & Meaning Adriene Mishler is everyone's online yoga best friend. She runs a hugely popular YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene with over 6 million subscribers, bringing yoga to the people. In her 2018 SXSW Interactive talk, Giving to Receive: Building Community & Meaning, she shares her secrets for building a thriving community and business. She strategically treats her viewers as friends, as equals, and is inspired by Mr. Rogers for how she talks to her audience. This video is a master class on how to bring free wellness videos to as many people as possible.  Upcoming Online Events Breathing to Bring Peace and Good Health Breathwork is a therapeutic meditation practice. It's only gaining in popularity and could become as big as yoga in a few years. Repeatedly breathing helps you move energy in and out of your body. Trust us you'll love it. Stephanie Berg Carson, of Soul Sanity, teaches an awesome virtual breathwork class. She is teaching classes Monday, Wednesday, Fridays at 10:30 am PST, RSVP instructions here. Embodied Yoga for Everyone  Kyra Haglund is teaching yoga classes that she calls "healing through movement." He classes for yoga newbies and experts. As she says: "Yoga is a pretty damn good tool for reducing anxiety and breaking up depression." Her next class is Sunday. It's all donation based yoga, so RSVP here! Trauma and stress are experienced and stored in the body and therefore yoga helps to heal your body's old pain. 

Next season of the podcast is coming soon

Finally, the next season of my podcast is in production! Soon, you'll be able to listen to Janes' Addiction's Perry Farrell, Oscar nominated Billy Ray, and NY Times best-seller writer Celeste Headlee. Subscribe to UNF*CKED: A mental wellness podcast for people who don't know WTF wellness even means. You can listen to the trailer  iTunes and Spotify.  In my work in mental wellness, I come across important stories on how our habits influence our behavior. Every week, I share my round-up of the most important resources at the intersection of meditation, health and business. I hope you enjoy them. Be well and stay home! Ryan PS: Want good energy? Tell a friend to signup for the UNSTUCK Weekly





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