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The UnStuck Weekly: Manage your stress and anxiety with some resources to help you stay grounded

Hope you are staying healthy. We are going through a lot right now. To help manage your stress and anxiety, here are some resources to help you stay grounded. Do you want better sleep, relaxation, and less anxiety during this stressful time? We've compiled a weekly list of mental wellness books, videos, and meditation & yoga events to help you manage. 

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Also here is an UNF*CKED webinar last week called UnStuck: The Future of Wellness and Meditation that you can view by clicking here!

Upcoming Online Events

Breathing to Bring Calm and Ease

Marlize Joubert is hosting virtual breath work classes. Have you tried breathwork before? Through the act of taking in air, you can clear stuck energy, relieve anxiety, and bring calmness to your body.  Her first class was April 4th at 10am PST. Follow her on Instagram and RSVP instructions here

Practice Yoga for All Bodies Basics

Hala Khouri is teaching classes for people who are familiar with yoga, and don't call themselves yogis. You can relieve stress with back openers, working your core, or stretching your hamstrings. It's all donation based yoga, so RSVP here!Best part about yoga? The savasana nap at the end. 

Streaming and Reading

Sun Sound Bath to Manage Stress

Sun Down Sound Bathis a therapeutic video from sound healer Eric Mellgren. His 1/2 hour sound bath will help you rest and be calm. Listen to him play crystal singing bowls, drums, and other ancient instruments.Watch the full sound bath here.

The Body Keeps Score

Bessel van der Kolk is a pioneer in PTSDS research, wrote The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma. In short, our body remembers every moment of our lives. From pain to happiness, all our feelings are stored in our body. Van der Kolk helps to realize that most of our therapy ignores the physical pain we've felt. This book is a compassionate look at healing trauma.

Anthony Bourdain Taking a Sound Bath

Back in 2011, host Anthony Bourdain took his food/lifestyle show "No Reservations" to Joshua Tree, Pioneertown, and California's high desert country. He also goes to the Integratron aka The Immortality Machine. The Integratron is a white domed structure built with near perfect acoustics for sound baths. Watch the clip with Bourdain taking the sound bath here. We miss Bourdain. He had the ability to show compassion to anyone, no matter how different.

A Breathing Meditation Course

“During this season of suffering, it is crucial to find pathways to feeling connected with our inner life and each other." Jack Kornfield is a former monk and OG western meditator. You can listen to his guided meditations on his SoundCloud. We recommend starting with his Practice of Compassion meditation. He is a leader in the vipassana movement. His training is from Thailand, Burma and India. He also spoke with Tara Branch about how to stay steady during COVID-19. Watch theirconversation here.

Finally, the next season of the podcast is coming this month. We are excited. You'll be able to listen to Janes' Addiction's Perry Farrell, Oscar nominated Billy Ray, and NY Times best-seller writer Celeste Headlee. Subscribe to UNF*CKED: A mental wellness podcast for people who don't know WTF wellness even means. You can listen to the trailer iTunes and Spotify

In our work in mental wellness, we come across important stories on how our habits influence our behavior. Every week, we share a round-up of the most important resources at the intersection of meditation, health and business. Hope you enjoy them.

Be well and stay home!

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